Minneota Public Schools

Curriculum, Assessment, and Instruction


The teachers at Minneota Public Schools have worked to develop an engaging and aligned curriculum for their students.  We've selected power standards, from our state standards, to guide us in covering the content needed to become successful adults as well as prepared for the next grade's skill demands.  
We've committed countless hours to this work as we know how important this component of your children's education is as he/she moves through each grade toward the final goal - graduation.  Although we do use traditional resources (such as Pearson's Journeys for Reading and Houghton-Mifflin's Go Math! for Math), we do not use them as our guide when creating the curriculum.  They are simply tools that assist us in teaching the curriculum that we've created locally.    
Links to the curriculum's learning targets, as well as the maps, are provided for your perusal, but if you have any questions regarding these documents, please don't hesitate to contact me. 
Jen Mahan-Deitte, Curriculum Director/K-12 Principal
507.872.6175 EX 1160 

Current Resources
  • Grade 1 - Go Math! Grade 2 - Go Math!

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