Graduation Requirements - The minimum requirements for a high school diploma shall be the satisfactory completion of:

    1. Junior High School, grades 7 & 8, as prescribed by the State Department of Education and Board of Education of Minneota Public School. Specific emphasis will be placed on the core subjects of Math, English, Science and Social Studies.

    2. The satisfactory completion of high school credits, grades 9-12, which shall include:

    · Four and a half credits in Language Arts (one half credit of Speech)

    · Four credits in Social Studies

    · Three credits in Mathematics

    · Three credits in Science

    · One credit in Health

    · One credit in Physical Education

    · One credit in a Visual or Performing Art

    · One credit in Career or Technical Education

    * Students must also comply with the current state of MN testing requirements in order to receive a high school diploma.

    23 credits are required for graduation


    * In order to receive a Minneota public high school diploma and participate in the graduation ceremony, students are required to successfully complete all current high school courses, tests, and credits according to district and state requirements.

    In addition to the required classes and electives, a student shall demonstrate competency in the statewide requirements for mathematics, language arts, science, social studies, vocational/technical education, and visual/performing arts.

    The principal may waive local requirements when it is deemed such a waiver would be in the best interests of an individual student.

    Students who do not meet the above requirements for graduation will be awarded a Secondary School Certificate of Attendance.

    Foreign Exchange Students are not eligible for high school diploma's but will be awarded a Certificate of Attendance.

    In order to participate in commencement, students must have met all district and state credits and requirements for graduation and have a signed diploma. Foreign exchange students, as guests of the school, may also participate in commencement if they have passed all classes for their year of residence.