• Hill Harper is a National Honor Society alum, graduate of Brown University and Harvard Law School, as well as an award-winning actor, best-selling author, philanthropist, and youth development activist. Based on his experience, Hill has outlined 10 easy tips to help guide students down a path of achievement, fulfillment, and a lifetime of success.   

    1. Create a Blueprint: Take time to identify your goals and dreams and write them down. Keep in mind that your blueprint may change along the way and that’s okay.
    2. Take Risks: It’s so easy to follow the familiar path, but doing so will prevent you from reaching your full potential. Taking risks is essential to being successful on the path you choose.
    3. Take Advantage of Education: Education is the number one way to build a foundation that will help you succeed in college and life beyond school. It increases your mental capacity and self-integrity. Focus on your future by taking advantage of your education today.
    4. Seek Leadership Roles: Students who take on leadership roles are more likely to be successful in college and their careers. Learning how to be a leader today is a great way to set yourself apart on college applications and also teaches you important life lessons such as confidence and interpersonal communication.
    5. Give Back: Start giving back early—as it will help you just as much as it will help others. Community service teaches you about the importance of citizenship and gives you a chance to explore areas that align with your interests and possibly a future career.
    6. Define Your Own Success: Don’t compare your success to others—success is how you define it. Defining your own success means staying true to yourself and your aspirations without comparing yourself to your peers.
    7. Embrace Mentors: Nobody can be successful on their own. Mentors bring knowledge and role model behaviors that will help move you along a path of success.
    8. Understand Finances: It’s never too early to learn how to make smart decisions about money and how it impacts your future. Learning to be responsible with finances early on will help you view money as a tool that can guide you through decisions big and small.
    9. Go with Your Gut: Personal success has a lot to do with following your instincts and not letting others define how your life should be. Follow a career track that you want to follow. If you realize you have a skill in a particular area, embrace it and learn to cultivate and love that skill.
    10. Build a Solid Foundation: The size of your goals and dreams are directly related to the size and thickness of the foundation you have to support them. If you have a solid foundation, you can support thick goals and dreams.