4th Grade Lit Circles

  • We will be doing Lit Circles at various points in the year this year. Students will be assigned a book to read and a group to work with. Each week, they will have a reading assignment as well as a job from their Lit Circle Packet. Each week, their jobs will change. The jobs are listed below:

    Adventuring Artist

    Cool Connector

    Discussion Director

    Literary Luminary

    Stellar Summarizer

    Word Wizard

    Below, you will find links to a description and extra sheet for each job in case one gets lost. 


  • Stellar Summarizer

    Good readers are able to summarize what they’ve read!  Your job is to briefly tell what happened in the selection.  Remember to include overall main events, not small details.  Summarize the beginning, middle, and end of the assigned reading.  Your group is counting on you to keep track of the main ideas.  Be ready to share this with your literature circle group.

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  • Adventuring Artist

    Good readers create a picture in their mind as they are reading!  Your job is to draw and color a picture from the part of the book you just read.  It can be a sketch, cartoon, diagram, etc. Take time to do it carefully, and include details.  Ask yourself, what can I see, smell, touch, taste, and hear, as you are reading.  Be prepared to share this with your literature circle group.

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  • Cool Connector

    Good readers make connections to deepen understanding and bring meaning to the text!  Your job is to tell your group what this section of reading reminded you of.  Remember, you can connect the passage to yourself, another text, or to the world.  Make sure you tell what kind of connection it is.

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  • Word Wizard

    Good readers tune in to interesting and new words!  Your job is to find at least three words that are fancy, important to the text, or are unfamiliar to you.  Write down the page number and the sentence the word is in.  Make sure you also find the definition for the word, either using context clues or a dictionary.  When sharing, see if your group members can guess the definition before you share it.  Be ready to share this with your literature circle group.

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  • Literary Luminary

    Good readers enjoy a variety of texts! Your job is to find a few special passages out of the assigned reading that your group would like to hear aloud.  The passages may be interesting, funny, important, sad, well written, etc.  Once you have located the sections, fill out the chart below.  Be ready to share with your literature circle group.

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