• ICU Overview


    ICU stands for, Intensive Care Unit for your grades.  The program will help students stay on task to complete their assignments.  Students are expected to show up in ICU when they are called down from thier study hall. They are to work on missing/incomplete assignments in the ICU room.  ICU is also used when a student has been absent from school for long periods of time.  When that is the case the ICU teacher helps the student get organized so they can get caught up quickly.  When students are done with their assignment(s) they are expected to hand in the assignment to their teacher.  This will help them gain responsibility for their grade.  

    The ICU room is also a place where students can come to take a test or to do some intense studying with out any distractions.  



    All students are expected to turn in their homework.  There is a centeralized area for which teachers will place students on the list.  If a student is placed on that list they are expected to work on their missing/incomplete assignments during the following times:

    1. Their study hall
    2. If they don't have a study hall then possibly during their elective time.
    3. MMS students in the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grade have a working recess from which they will be pulled.
  • Nikki DeBoer

    Grades 3rd - 9th

    Email: nikki.deboer@minneotaschools.org




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