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Importance of Parent Involvement


Why is parent involvement so important?

We know that when teachers and parents work together to support the learning and social/emotional needs of students, that students do better in school.  Not only does it help students learn and achieve academically, it helps students develop positive peer relationships as well. We have a shared responsibility in educating students.

Ways Parents Can Support Their Child's Education:

  • Maintain positive communication with your child's teacher and case manager
  • Read to your child at home (15 minutes a night can make a HUGE difference)
  • Ask your child about their school day (who they played with, sat by at lunch, favorite part of the day, etc.)
  • Have high expectations for learning and behavior at home
  • Build in homework time each night; stay consistent
  • Check your child's grades (JMC)
  • Join the teacher's Facebook and/or Google Classroom page
  • Check your child's Accelerated Reader (AR) goals