Food Service
    Cost of Meals 2017-2018
    Pre – 6th Grade
    7 – 12th Grade
     2nd Milk
    $ .35
    $ .35
    $ .35
    *For those approved for Free/Reduced Lunch, Breakfast is Free 
    2nd Entree Punch Cards

    Students in grades 5th - 12th will be allowed to purchase a 2ndentrée off the lunch line.  The cost of the entrée is $1.00.  The 2ndentrée is not allowed to be charged to the family’s lunch account, so we have decided to make a punch card available to students who would like to purchase a 2nd entrée.  The punch cards are $10.00 each and are available in the K-12 Office  and District Office.  Your child will be responsible for their own cards and a refund will not be given if they are lost.  Your child can also pay cash for the entrée if they wish.