Greetings and Welcome

  • Greetings and welcome to Minneota High School!  To go by the way of the Viking is to act with honor, show respect, and meet high expectations in all areas throughout the district. 

    Minneota High School maintains high expectations for administration, teachers, staff, and students.  We strive to be excellent in all areas, whether it is academics, activities, athletics, or the arts.  We want our students to get a 1st class education while enjoying the perks of attending a small school.

    Our priorities include:

    • Offering a fully one-to-one with technology educational experience.
    • Ensuring that our students are well-equipped for life after high school by requiring classes like Speech and Living on Your Own to ensure that students are getting much-needed life skills/knowledge before they graduate.
    • Offering CollegeNow classes right here in the building in English, Math, and Science and will continue to add more in the future.
    • Encouraging students to "get involved" Approximately 85% of our high school students are "involved" in some form of extra-curricular activity.
    • Ensuring that the building is safe and secure not only physically but emotionally.  

    When you send your child to Minneota High School, I hope you will join me in setting high expectations.  I have high expectations for all of our teachers/staff and students.  As a parent you should have high expectations for your child's school.  You should expect: challenging and engaging instruction for your child, you should expect modern instruction, you should expect strong and regular communication from our school, and you should expect pleasant/positive demeanor from the entire staff and me. Most importantly, please be sure to set high expectations for your child and for what your child can achieve here at Minneota High School!  


    Jeremy W. Frie
    High School Principal