• Special Election Results - Unofficial

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    Question #1 - Passed

    Yes-324 (85.0%)

    No-57 (15.0%)


    Question #2 - Passed

    Yes-332 (87.4%)

    No-48 (12.6%)


    Thank you to everyone who took time to vote

    we are grateful for the community’s support of the school district. 


    We are pleased that we will be able to capitalize on the Ag2School Tax Credit because the State of Minnesota will now pay for over 31% of our annual technology levy.  We are happy that our residents – especially our agriculture property owners – will be paying less in taxes than if these questions had not passed. 


    With the passage of these two questions, we will be able to maintain funding for technology needs in the district.  It may be important to note that we will not have “more” funds to address technology needs – we remained focused on $500,000/year.  We were not asking our residents for ‘more’ or ‘additional’ funding for technology needs – we were asking our residents for their permission to restructure the type(s) of funding to capitalize on the Ag2School Tax Credit, have the State pay for a significant portion of the technology levy, and to reduce taxes for our residents.


    The School Board will canvass the Election results at their meeting on Tuesday, May 16 at 5:00 pm in Conference Room #103.