• Minneota High School currently does not offer College Now classes for the 2020-2021 school year.

    If you have questions, please reach out to the School Counselor, Ms. Lauer.

  • College Now: The SMSU Concurrent Enrollment Program

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    Withdraw Dates for 2020-21 (80% of the course):

    • Fall Courses: Friday, December 11th
    • Full Year Courses:  Friday, April 2nd
    • Spring Courses:  Friday, April 30th


    Mission Statement

    College Now: The SMSU Concurrent Enrollment program provides high school students the opportunity to earn college credit by means of a high quality experience in the high school comparable to that of the university classroom.

    Program Description

    College Now classes are university level classes offered at the high school to junior and senior students during their regular school day. (High school students reduce duplication of classes and save time and money by earning both high school and university credits at the same time.) Our program is accredited by the National Alliance for Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP), which ensures that the courses offered through College Now are being taught at a rigour equivalent to courses offered on our campus.

    Instructors are qualified high school teachers who meet SMSU requirements and faculty approval to be facilitative teachers. Instructor qualifications, syllabi, assignments, textbooks, exams and grading requirements are equivalent to those at SMSU. Classes are monitored by supervising faculty from SMSU.

    SMSU has selected a group of courses appropriate for delivery to regional high schools via College Now. The majority of these courses are lower-division, general education courses that have been certified as meeting the requirements of the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum. This designation indicates the course meets state-wide curricular standards. Students who successfully complete such a course (with a grade of C- or better) are assured of course acceptance at any of Minnesota’s public colleges and universities. Additionally, the courses are generally accepted at any college or university. SMSU believes these courses offer College Now participants flexible educational options for their future college careers and support statewide higher education goals.

    SMSU serves thousands of students statewide!

    The goals of College Now are to:

    • Inspire increasing numbers of high school students to attend college;
    • Promote student self-confidence;
    • Provide advanced-learning opportunities for motivated students;
    • Introduce students to the procedures and protocol of the university setting;
    • Increase the probability of students completing a degree in four years or less; and
    • Strengthen relationships between high schools and SMSU.

    For more information please contact:

    Kim Guenther
    Director of Concurrent Enrollment, College Now
    BA 266
    1501 State Street
    Marshall MN 56258
    (507) 537-6708