• Welcome to the 2022-2023 school year and our website!  This is a resource that I hope you find informative and helpful. 

    I am excited about and honored to have the opportunity to serve as Minneota’s Superintendent!  I look forward to meeting you and supporting our students, families, staff, and our community.

    As a 32-year educator, I value the programs, services, and opportunities that Minneota Public Schools provides – the district has earned an excellent reputation!  I will focus my efforts to build on our past and tradition, and I will also examine areas where we can become even better. 

    Our Mission is “A community in continuous pursuit of excellence.”  Although excellence can be defined in multiple ways, we are often able to recognize it when we see, hear about, or experience it.  It is this pursuit of excellence that I look forward to collaborating with everyone to achieve. 

    I find our Vision of “Minneota Public Schools is a partnership of staff, family, and community promoting lifelong learning in an everchanging world.” inspiring.  While the entire statement is important, I am particularly drawn to partnership, lifelong learning, and everchanging.  I am excited to collaborate with our students, families, staff, and community to help accomplish our vision. 

    I am proud to serve our this excellent school district and look forward to working with everyone to provide the highest quality education for our students and excellent opportunities for everyone associated with Minneota Public Schools.  I invite and welcome any questions, comments, ideas, or concerns that you might have.

    In education,

    Scott Monson, Superintendent


    Phone:  507-872-6532, Ext. 1134