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Elementary E-Learning Information

Minneota Elementary School

E-Learning Day Plan

What is E-Learning?
An E-learning day is used in place of a school day that has been canceled due to inclement
weather. An E-Learning day means that students will attend school virtually and in a
synchronous fashion.

Parents or Guardians will contact elementary teachers before 3:00 PM on an E-Learning day in
order for their child to be counted as “Present” for the day. Parents are encouraged to reach out
to their child’s teacher by email, Seesaw, or other forms of communication.

Elementary Schedule for E-Learning Days:

Teacher E-Learning Prep Time: 7:45 AM - 9:55 AM
Teachers available time: 10:00 AM to 2:20 PM.

● Attendance will be submitted at 3:00 PM.
● Teachers are available to answer questions via email or via chat in Google Classroom.
● Teachers will provide an interactive lesson for their students.

Why is the Minneota School District preparing for the use of E-Learning days?
Historically, winter weather in southwest Minnesota can be persistent and disruptive.
Neighboring school districts have experienced a loss of an entire school week due to winter
storms and their aftermath. Now, in the 2023-2024 school year, it seems that with the resources
available and, if prepared carefully, we can mitigate the disruptiveness our winter weather can
have on student learning.

Providing students and teachers more opportunities for learning and the ability to provide
learning without disruption during snow days is consistent with our district’s focus on student
achievement. Additionally, an E-Learning day reinforces 21st-century job and post-secondary
educational opportunities for working and learning remotely.

The state allows us to have five E-Learning Days. E-Learning Days count as a day of
instruction and don’t have to be made up.

Parent Expectations
Reinforce to your student that this is “school”, and it’s not optional to attend school on
an E-Learning day.
● Check your email regularly; make sure you have a valid e-mail address on file.
● Communicate with your child(s) teacher.

Student Expectations
Students will know where to find their activities/assignments.
● Students will complete activities/assignments as directed.
● Families and students will follow their teacher’s E-Learning activities/assignments
provided by the teacher.


Anticipated Frequently Asked Questions

How will we be notified that a “snow day” is an E-Learning day?
The school will communicate with all parents and staff through the SchoolMessenger System
that is already utilized. In the message sent, it will read that this “snow day is an E-Learning

What about 2-hour late starts and when school closes early? Will those days also be an
E-Learning day?

No. In the event of a two-hour late start or early dismissal, an E-Learning day will not be

What if a student has a pre-arranged absence?
The student would be expected to make up the learning activities and assignments just as if it
were any other absence from school.

Will the school building be closed on an E-Learning day for students as it is on a
regular snow day?

Yes. The school district building will be closed to students and activities on E-Learning days.